Thanks to its commercial network of boats rental, all of its Internet communication medias and highly targeted marketing campaigns, WINDWARD ISLANDS optimizes the income generated by the operation of your ship through a charter activity.

Our main missions as part of this program :
- Brochure edition and updating of the data (price, photos, layout, crews, sailing programs, etc),
- Access to the personalized and secured interface enabling charter agents to consult your boat's schedule and to quote charter,
- Designing of a broker friendly website in several languages,
- Contractualization, follow-up of payments and the preparation of the cruise.


WINDWARD ISLANDS propose a complete management program for your yacht including, but not limited to, the purchase and the evaluation of your unit, the administrative and financial management of your company (setting-up and managing the firms, financing, choice of pavilion, insurance etc ...), the maintenance of your boat and the management of the crew (for larger units), the promotion and the marketing of your charter activity.

Our main missions as part of this program :
On top of the “Central Agent” program the "Full Management" program include the following additional services :
- Identification, expert valuation and purchase of the ship of your dreams if you are not already the owner,
- Valuation of your ship,
- Choice of pavilion,
- Creation and managing of maritime firms or joint ownerships,
- Insurances,
- Management of crew,
- Marketing and organization of charters,
- Managing and development of the charter activity,
- Yacht delivery,
- Maintenance and following of works if necessary,
- Resale of your ship,
- Concierge.

This program is designed to be tailor-made and meet your real needs ; other services can be added (such as organizing the presence of your ship on boat shows for example) and some can be removed if you already have your own solutions.